Month: April 2020

The Past is Another Country

In 2018, I designed and built a set of data-gloves with my collaborator, Cloud Unknowing. Our first prototype was built using flexible sensors that I manufactured from an Instructables tutorial. They were relatively robust and, though the masking tape sealing filled me with apprehension, they worked. Of course, data-gloves are nothing new. There is the Nintendo PowerGlove, the Mi.Mu and other commercially available gloves, ‘The Hands’ by Michel Waisvitz, Laetitia Sonami’s ‘Lady Glove’, and Elena Jessop’s ‘VAMP’.

Nimuè I

In many ways Nimuè I was the beginning of my doctoral journey as it was the end of the previous iteration of glove design. In rehearsals, the gloves were refusing to connect to my laptop via Bluetooth, and in my frustration, I vowed that it was time for the gloves to be dismantled and put to their better use as the starting point for the next generation. One that wouldn’t use Bluetooth…