Composer | Performer | Maker | Teacher | Researcher
Photo by Kylie Supski and ReVerse Butcher

Photo by Kylie Supski and ReVerse Butcher.

Composer | Performer | Maker | Teacher | Researcher



Sophie Rose is a doctoral student at the University of Melbourne and contemporary vocals lecturer at Australian Institute of Music. She is a singer, researcher, extended vocal technique enthusiast, multi-instrumentalist, composer, improviser, performer, and maker. Her work explores the relationship between creative practice, interactive technology, and embodiment. Rose's doctoral thesis explores representations of trauma through gestural music. In her spare time she refurbishes and rescues dilapidated furniture and instruments, sews, and tinkers in Max/MSP and Arduino.


Sophie performs with Cloud Unknowing under Sophie Rose and the Manual Breathing. Cloud Unknowing, musician, maker, and sound engineer, plays drums and bass, and helps Sophie get into trouble with technology. Cloud has worked with a variety of bands and genres, such as Applejack (folk rock), Gateless (folk), and Earthwire (psych-prog). He also works in multi-media artwork installations, instrument, electronics, and valve amplifier building, and film sound. She also works with Little Songs of the Mutilated and the Make It Up Club.