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Peer-Reviewed Journals


Conference Papers and Presentations

  • Rose, S (2023) CALM: Mapping yoga practice for gestural control to externalise traumatic experiences, Frugal Music Innovation, New Interfaces for Musical Expresssion, Mexico City, Mexico. (forthcoming)

  • Rose, S. (2021) Ode to My Frayed Nerves: Exploring Physical Trauma through Gestural Control in Surround Sound Environments, Connections, Australasian Computer Music Association Conference, Australian Institute of Music (Online), Melbourne/Sydney; Australia
  • Rose, S. (2020) Four Approaches to Graphic Notation of Quadrophonic Electroacoustic Music and Extended Vocal Techniques, Inclusion, Australasian Computer Music Association Conference, ANU (Online), Canberra; Australia
  • Unknowing, C & Rose, S. (2020) P-Bow: the profanity bow for use in Ambisonic and Surround audio environments, Inclusion, Australasian Computer Music Association Conference, ANU (Online), Canberra; Australia
  • Rose, S. (2019) 2019 Vowels in Retrograde - Ethnomusicology Meets Practice-Based Research, Musical Intersections, New Zealand Musicological Society, Auckland; NZ



  • Rose, S. (Jan 2020) Smoke, graphic poem, Burning House Press, curated by ReVerse Butcher, cover photo by Kylie Supski
  • Rose, S. (2019) Vowels in Retrograde: Exploring Physical and Non-Physical Environments through Extended Vocal Techniques [Masters thesis, Box Hill Institute], Melbourne; Australia.