Sophie [Music] Rose

"The Lies We Tell Ourselves"

Despite the limitations of the "singer-songwriter with a guitar" genre itself, Sophie takes the album emotionally in a lot of different directions.

At the root of "The Lies We Tell Ourselves", people seem to be often very contradictory and paradoxical, and what is true for a person one day may not be the case on the next. From the decision of the first track (Douchebag) to give up on a person as a hopeless case, to the insistence in the final track (Sum of your Youth) that a person can be better if they were to only decide to truly be themselves, the album seems to embrace the idea that truth itself is always changing – and yet that if one chooses to live a more comfortably stable lie, then they will find themselves truly lost at sea.

The Lies We Tell Ourselves is a great album for contemplating issues related to personal identity, sexuality, and why we choose those people we surround ourselves with. (It is also not half-bad for listening to whilst attempting to telephone with a bunch of %#$^# government bureaucrats.)

E.P. review by Johnny Bliss of FM4 (Austria)

Fits comfortably in nose.